Trenton – Senate President Steve Sweeney joined with statewide education organizations today for a roundtable discussion on the school funding reform plan that would provide full funding for all school districts in New Jersey, a proposal that would help provide equity and opportunity for all of the state’s schoolchildren.

Trenton Education Roundtable
Cathy Lindenbaum, NJPTA;Patrick Fletcher, NJ Assoc. of School Administrators; Patricia Wright, NJPSA; Michael Vrancik, NJSBA; Donna Chiera, AFTNJ; Senator Sweeney; Melanie Schulz, NJ Assoc. of School Administrators; Sharon Seyler, NJ School Boards Association Judy Savage, NJ Council of County Vocational – Technical Schools; Betsy Ginsburg, Garden State Coalition of Schools; David Sciarra, Education Law Center; Morganne Firmstone, JerseyCAN; Sharon Krengel, Education Law Center.

Seeking to remedy a school funding system that underfunds 80 percent of New Jersey’s school districts, the legislation authored by Senate President Steve Sweeney and Senator M. Teresa Ruiz has already been approved by the Senate Education Committee. The bill, S-2372, would create a special commission to develop a school funding reform plan to bring all districts to full funding within five years.

The legislative proposal, to fully fund the School Funding Reform Act of 2008, would bring all the state’s school districts to full funding within five years, correcting the current practice that underfunds 80 percent of New Jersey’s school systems.

“This is a plan that aims to bring equal opportunity for all of New Jersey’s school children,” said Senator Sweeney. “We want every school district to have the support needed to provide a quality education for all students throughout the state. This is about equity that accounts for the very real differences between what children in different areas experience so that our schoolchildren are provided the knowledge and the tools needed to succeed in today’s economy.”


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