Power suddenly went out during a meeting between the school board and teachers arguing for better health benefits

Nearly 100 teachers, union members, and even parents gathered at Perth Amboy High School on Thursday night to protest the lack of a new contract with better health benefits for teachers.

The meeting was being held as part of an effort to come to a resolution with the Board of Education after arguments. However, the teachers’ time was cut short due to a sudden power outage.

“Everybody in the audience was told to evacuate,” said Donna Tartza of the American Federation of Teachers. “The Board of Education members were still in the building and the mayor questioned that, but I know she came out and the board members were still in the building.”

Despite an email being sent out by the school board’s secretary saying that PSE&G was to blame, the utility told FiOS1: “There was no interruption of our electric service to the building. The breaker is internal to the high school and not our facilities.”


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