State Renews 14 Charter Schools, But Puts Seven Of Them On Probation

Mixed numbers indicate tricky balancing act — foster charters while maintaining high standards

By John Mooney

The Christie administration renewed 14 charter schools for another five years, but placed half of them on probation in what is becoming a tough balancing act of both supporting the alternative schools and holding them to tougher standards.

The administration this week released additional information in the latest cycle of charter approvals and renewals, which included notifying seven schools that they would be renewed but under probationary status.

Lagging academic achievement was the reason cited for putting many of the schools on probation. The administration also delivered prescribed steps for “school turnaround.”

Earlier this week, the state approved one new charter, while rejecting two Camden district schools that were the first in the state to seek to convert to charter status.

The state also ordered two others to close.