Christie Seeks To Reshape School Accountability Mandates In Federal Waiver

By John Mooney

Education Law Center says proposal would give too much leeway, with less openness, over state-controlled urban schools

The Christie administration has asked the federal government to allow some changes in the state’s accountability system for its most troubled schools, including the administration’s own state-controlled schools.


Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson has come under especially heavy criticism for her moves, with widespread protests over her classification of so-called “turnaround schools,” including a downtown march involving as many as 2,000 high school students on Friday.

The Education Law Center last week sent a letter urging the U.S. Department of Education to reject the proposed new classification system for the state-run districts, saying it would affect more than 200 schools overall. It said such an exemption would allow for initiatives without any regard for federal or state guidelines.