By Dan Aronson

This is part of an ongoing series demonstrating the potential for common ground between progressives and conservatives on labor and environmental issues.

High school students strive to get into the best colleges, and college students strive to get good grades to further their career. But with all this frenetic activity, we don’t pause to consider the meaning of the term “college.”


Donna Chiera, president of AFT New Jersey.

While Ms. Chiera does not have a specific opinion about parking fees, she issued the following statement regarding this series: “When we approach negotiations from the standpoint of what is good for students, we end up identifying mutually beneficial contractual provisions such as opportunities for professional development, peer mentoring and prep time to plan lessons and collaborate with other teachers,” Chiera said. “This should not detract from the importance of critical issues such as pay and benefits for education workers, but it helps us realize that on the big issues of providing quality educational opportunities for students from Pre-Kindergarten through higher education, we have shared goals with our local boards of education and higher education leadership.”

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