By John Mooney

Portion of evaluation that’s based on student test scores will remain at 30 percent for 2014-2015

With plenty of questions still swirling around this year’s planned launch of the new teacher-evaluation system, the Christie administration has told school districts that little – if anything – will change for next year.

The state Department of Education alerted districts yesterday that the basic components of the system used to determine each teacher’s rating will not change in 2014-15.

The main component of that system has to do with how teachers are rated in relation to student performance, either by test score progress or based on more specific individual assessments known as student growth outcomes (SGOs). This year, teachers whose students take the standardized tests in language arts and math will see 30 percent of their ratings developed off their students’ progress on those scores.

The memo sent to districts yesterday said those different weights will not change for next year, with 30 percent of those evaluations again based on the student test results.

The administration has the option of setting different weights each year, and under its regulations must do so by April 15.


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