Latest PARCC update indicates that tests could take as much as 10 hours spread over a half-dozen days

Details continue to come in about the online testing that will be used in New Jersey schools this spring, with the latest updates indicating that there will clearly be more hours spent on the assessments than in the past.

The consortium running the new multistate testing — the Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) — yesterday released its latest administration update for the exams. It shows that testing could take as much as 10 hours over the course of a half-dozen days in the spring.

Depending on the test and the grade, that could be an increase of up to four hours from current testing, albeit spread over more days. The times were reduced from last spring’s field-tests, with PARCC officials clearly cognizant of ongoing debates about testing.

The PARCC outline also laid out the actual estimated time required for most students to complete the testing, reducing the time somewhat from the full administration duration.


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