By John Mooney

Session is adjourned after chanting protesters won’t quiet down and then refuse to leave

The ongoing saga of Newark school reforms got a new twist last night, when nearly a dozen students blocked a meeting of the state-run district’s advisory board – and then wouldn’t leave.

The high school students – members of the increasingly vocal Newark Students Union – were holed up in the district’s downtown offices as of 10 o’clock last night, saying they would stay until their demands were met by state-appointed Superintendent Cami Anderson.

“We will not move until we see justice,” the students chanted before sitting down in front of the board’s dais, prompting the board to adjourn after only a few minutes.
How soon that will happen is very uncertain, given that one of their demands is Anderson’s own resignation. But it certainly gave a new and youthful flavor to ongoing local protests and debates over the superintendent’s reform plans for the district.


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