The former governor talks about school vouchers, his own educational history, and the difference between spending and investing when it comes to public education

By John Mooney

Governor Jim Florio
Governor Jim Florio
Former Gov. Jim Florio has long been outspoken about his opposition to school vouchers in New Jersey.

This spring, he is making his opinions known again through columns and commentary, at a time when the ever-evolving Opportunity Scholarship Act continues to gain political momentum.

NJ Spotlight spoke with Florio yesterday, delving into his opposition to OSA but also asking questions about education reform in general and how he would fix today’s ailing schools.

Question: Why are you speaking out on vouchers, and why now?

Answer: This isn’t an issue that I have come to lightly or lately: the thought that the whole voucher system is a real threat to public education. It is a legitimate philosophic approach, just not one I agree with. It seems to be gaining in ascendancy, part of a whole move against the public education system, with charter schools, online schools, and for-profit schools.


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