Teacher tenure gaining traction among lawmakers as debates on education continue to swirl
By John Mooney, January 18, 2012 in Education |1 Comment

There was no declaration that it would be the year of education reform this time at Gov. Chris Christie’s State of the State address, and certainly no star educator of national prominence in the audience.

Christie continued to keep education a priority, but it was not with the same fanfare of a year ago when he trumpeted an aggressive reform package before the legislature and enjoyed the front-row audience of Michelle Rhee, the famous former Washington, D.C., chancellor.

But even while the reform message didn’t carry the same oomph it once did, that is not to say education won’t get a lot of attention in the year ahead, just maybe in different ways and hanging on different issues.

On the reform front, much of Christie’s platform centering on teacher tenure and charter schools is already underway and being carried by others, including prominent Democrats.


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