In a guest column for The Star-Ledger, State Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney writes about a plan that would guarantee the last two years of college at any of New Jersey’s public higher education institutions are tuition-free for students from qualifying N.J. households based on adjusted gross income.

His plan, which he says “uses a similar model that is now in place” with the Community College Opportunity Grant, “will help make a college education affordable and help retain more of those students who now are going elsewhere to college out of state because it is less expensive,” Sweeney writes.

He adds, “We believe this, in turn, will likely lead to better outcomes (both financially and academically) because students freed from worry about post-graduation debt or other ancillary costs will instead be able to concentrate on their studies and recognize that they are being encouraged to stay and complete that degree at a college in New Jersey.”

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