Protesters against Kean president rally outside senator’s Union office

By Peter Fiorilla, Staff Writer

UNION COUNTY, NJ — Rather than fade away during the winter months, the ministers’ coalition protesting structural racism at Kean University battled the elements in another rally on Monday, Jan. 18, outside of State Sen. Raymond Lesniak’s Union office on Stuyvesant Avenue.

More than 70 people, among them Kean faculty and local activists, marched and chanted for the resignation of Kean University President Dawood Farahi.


At the same time, adds Castiglione, a rise in tuition has crippled minority students’ ability to attend Kean in the first place.
“The university has been structurally aligned against the interests of our majority-minority students. When you look at Kean University, you see a lack of full-time faculty in the classroom. You see a lack of professional advisors for the students. You see a lack of student support services,” Castiglione told the crowd. “Our students are being denied the quality of the education that their peers are getting at our sister institutions across the state.”


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