By Keith Sergeant


Robert Boikess, a Rutgers professor in the chemistry and chemical biology department who introduced the resolution at the faculty council’s Feb. 28 meeting, called it “unfortunate’’ that Barchi made the argument about free speech.

“The issue,’’ Boikess said, “is not that she shouldn’t speak at the university. In fact, I think lots of people would love to hear what she had to say and debate and so forth. The issue has to do with the symbolism of being a commencement speaker and receiving an honorary degree, which if you read what the university says about that, it involves a certain amount of moral values that mirror the moral values of the university. And given that a lot of people feel she wasn’t strong in that (moral values) area, there is a concern about her giving the commencement (address) and (receiving an) honorary degree.

“It’s not a free speech issue. Nobody said she shouldn’t be invited to the university to speak.’’


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