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10. MCV (7 people like this reason): Rutgers-Camden is not a mediocre research university; it is a great research university and I know a lot of faculty there who would be insulted at such an appraisal of their work. I hold two degrees from Rutgers-Camden (BA ’07, MA ’09) and owe much of who I am today to the people I met and experiences I had at that school. I am profoundly saddened by the thought that RU-C might not be around much longer.

9. SH (7 people like this reason): I received a exceptional graduate education at Rutgers-Camden. You choose to attend a research institution to benefit from current research in any field. Merging with Rowan is a major step backward and a slap in the face of excellence.

8. LE (8 people like this reason): I believe every student at Rutgers-Camden and Rowan agree that a merger is not in the best interest of the students at either university. If anything, the Rutgers-Camden campus should expand so Rutgers University can compete with Penn State’s campuses throughout Pennsylvania and the SUNY system in New York. The main concern here should be to keep New Jersey’s students in New Jersey, not force them out with this unfavorable merger.

7. BC (12 people like this reason): I wish Rutgers to remain independent of other institutions; I don’t think the merger is in the best interest of the students, staff or alumni who are trying to make the Camden campus a South Jersey gem. Rutgers Camden is not just a little commuter campus—it has a wealth of history, loyal alumni and excellent faculty.

6. AD (13 people like this reason): When I made my decision on college, I chose Rutgers – Camden. That is who we are and I have never been more proud of anything in my life.

5. PN (13 people like this reason): Rutgers-Camden is already a research university. Let’s not take a step backward.

4. HL (24 people like this reason): I am a Rutgers Camden Law Student that wants to keep my nationally-recognized, high-ranked, prestigious law school. Governor Christie and this state are tramping on the rights of this school’s students and we will not sit idly by. The State has no authority to determine the lives of so many hard-working students.

3. JL (26 people like this reason): As a graduate of Rutgers University Camden Campus (1986), I am extremely disappointed and strongly against the committee’s recommendation to place Rutgers University Camden Campus under the control of Rowan University. Rutgers University has a 245-year history of excellence and is recognized worldwide as one of the best institutions of higher learning. I hope that Governor Christie will come to see that the idea he is supporting, to merge the two universities, is NOT what is best for New Jersey.

2. EW (39 people like this reason): I am going to Rutgers to get a Rutgers degree. If I wanted to have a Rowan degree, I would have gone to Rowan.

1. GJ (51 people like this reason): Isn’t Rutgers the State University of New Jersey? Why would Rowan—an  88-year-old state collage take over Rutgers-Camden—a 91-year-old campus of the 245 year old Rutgers University? It seems like a step back and an insult to the students and alumni of Rutgers (no offense intended toward current Rowan students and alumni).

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