Matt Katz
Matt Katz
[…] Christie is determined to fold Rutgers-Camden (and its well-regarded law school) into Rowan University. Lawsuits have been threatened if he pursues this via executive power. Such suits could make their way to the state Supreme Court.

Rutgers-Camden is the epicenter of South Jersey’s legal community. Lawyers use its law library. Legal functions are held there. If you didn’t graduate from the school, one of your partners – or your adversary in the courtroom – did.

Moorestown lawyer Timothy Farrow, treasurer of Rutgers-Camden’s alumni association and a foe of the merger, said the court’s makeup could matter in a Rutgers-Rowan case.

“Someone down here is going to have, you would think, a different lens to view some of those facts, being much more familiar with South Jersey,” he said.


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