By Star-Ledger Editorial Board

Richard McCormick
John O'Boyle/The Star-Ledger. Rutgers president Richard McCormick speaks at a board of governors meeting.
With just a few months left in office, Rutgers President Richard McCormick has offered a fresh reminder of his woeful lack of political skills, with a baseless temper tantrum that is bound to infuriate the governor.
Nice going. Rutgers is facing a critical moment and its president answers by spilling soup on his tie.
The flap concerns a report issued by a consultant to Rowan University regarding its proposed takeover of Rutgers-Camden. McCormick got his hands on the report and sent it to trustees, with a note saying it was “truly offensive and enraging.”
Read the report, though, and you can’t find anything improper. Rowan officials wanted to be sure they were ready to handle the political fallout, so they hired a consultant to advise them.


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