By Matthew Cortina

Students at Kean University camped out on campus Thursday night, March 15, to protest the retention of school president Dawood Farahi, who came under fire last month when it was discovered he may have falsified information on his resume.

Nearly two dozen students gathered and set up tents near the center of campus to “Occupy the Grass.” The “occupants” distributed flyers, threw Frisbees and spoke to students and faculty about their discontent with President Farahi and the school board’s decision to retain him.

“We just feel it would be best for him [Farahi] to leave,” said Katie Arzig, the event’s co-organizer.

After a brief investigation, Farahi admitted in January 2012 that he falsified claims about his accomplishments before he was hired in 2003, but refused to list the indiscretions in an interview with The Star-Ledger. Critics, including the participants at Thursday’s event, say the articles Farahi claimed he had written in dozens of publications do not exist.


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