Education union files unfair labor practice charge

[…] Donna M. Chiera, president of AFTNJ, suggested the administration was engaged in union busting.
She asked, “Why would Ocean County College refuse a settlement proposed by a neutral third-party based on an independent analysis of an institution that continues to grow in every area other than salaries for unionized workers?”

Michael Putnam, president of the OCC Federation of Professional Administrators, said in a prepared statement that his union had offered several different contract proposals and each was met with a resounding “No” from the administration.

“Yet even in these poor economic times the college has forged new partnerships, launched new programs and continues to expand its main campus,” Putnam said. “We are asking that management return to the table with a negotiating team empowered to enter into an agreement that is mutually satisfactory and will allow us to face the future of OCC together.”

Jul. 17, 2011. Erik Larsen, Staff Writer. Asbury Park Press
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