AFT resolution defends democratic principles

In Protecting American Democracy, an American Federation of Teachers resolution that was unanimously passed by the executive council, the AFT details its dedication to the following four propositions:

  • Every American citizen registered to vote must be able to vote.
  • Every vote must be counted.
  • The electoral verdict of “we the people” must be respected.
  • We will not be intimidated.

“Make no mistake, the AFT believes that the American people should freely elect this country’s next leader, and we will accept the legitimate outcome of the election regardless of the victor,” the resolution states. “However, as a union deeply rooted in democratic principles, we will do whatever it takes to stand by our commitment to reject election interference, threats, tampering, stealing, acts of violence or other actions that undermine the will of the people in this exercise of Americans’ democracy. We, the people, must decide.”

Read the full resolution here.