If you hear anything about strange home-visits or members being encouraged to drop out of the union, share what you’ve heard so we can spread the word.

The same billionaires who funded the Janus case are trying another approach to weaken us. They just don’t want us to be able to stand up for ourselves, our schools and our neighborhoods. Their new approach: Using shell-organizations, they are launching a door-to-door sales job intended to get union members to drop their membership. They don’t like unions. They don’t like your contract. They don’t like educators and staff fighting for more school funding.

Those billionaire-funded canvassers won’t admit it, but when they say ‘drop your union membership, give yourself a raise’, what they mean is: ‘may this be the last raise you ever get’ and ‘you will be spending this money on supplies for your classroom.’ In general, if members are warned, they won’t fall for this sort of thing. But they do need to be warned.

Let’s expose the union busters for what they are.

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