Elaine Bobrove

Elaine Bobrove: “When talking about educational issues with others, I have often found that many of them believe they know what is good and bad about public education because they spent 12 years in the school system. Although many of their thoughts are valid, a comprehensive understanding of all the factors affecting public education takes more than a reflection of one’s own individual experiences. It takes years of rigorous study and dedication to working collaboratively with all the stakeholders to bring about meaningful changes. The educational system at all levels is in the cross hairs as the naysayers take aim at it. I hope that my perspective as a working educator, as well as someone who is able to understand the views of both faculty and administration, will help enrich an already excellent educational system. I am honored to have an opportunity to share my ideas and aspirations with this esteemed body.”

AFT New Jersey President Chiera: “Having worked with Elaine Bobrove for many years, I am confident that she will add a conscientious, practical and caring voice to the state board. She has access to the latest research on education policy and practices through AFT, works with our classroom teachers on policy issues through our executive board and will bring that expertise to the state. While recognizing the importance of job readiness, Elaine has been a true leader in advocating for an educational system which cultivates broader values of citizenship, appreciation for the arts and academic discipline to foster the development of fully engaged citizens.”

AFT President Randi Weingarten: “Elaine is a champion for students and public K-12 and higher education. She will bring to the state board of education her decades of experience in the classroom and as a union leader fighting and caring for students and educators. Because she’s been on the ground doing this work across the state already, Elaine understands deeply what is necessary to strengthen our higher education institutions in New Jersey and what higher education faculty and adjuncts need to do their jobs. And she knows what our public schools need to ensure kids graduate with the skills and knowledge to succeed in college and in their careers. On behalf of the 1.7 million members of the AFT, we congratulate Elaine on this appointment and know she will be committed to working with educators, parents and communities to strengthen public education for all of New Jersey’s children.”

Elaine Bobrove Background

Elaine Bobrove has been a full adjunct faculty member at Camden County College for more than 30 years. She owned and directed an educational testing and tutoring center working with students from the first grade to graduate school ranging in age from six through adult and from beginning skill levels to advanced learners.

Bobrove taught at-risk students at Lenape Regional High School working with special education students who needed one-to-one instruction; and has worked as an aide in reading programs in several schools.

She earned a masters in education from Rutgers, where she also has certifications in elementary education, English and reading and continued graduate studies in educational leadership, specializing in reading at Widener University.

Bobrove is the President of the United Adjunct Faculty of New Jersey federated local of professors at ten community colleges, a vice president of the American Federation of Teachers New Jersey, sits on the higher education program and policy council of the American Federation of Teachers and on the New Jersey Higher Education Leadership Council.

She lives in Westmont with her husband Phil.

Elaine Bobrove
Elaine Bobrove (click to download)
Elaine Bobrove
Elaine Bobrove testifies in Trenton Oct. 6, 2016 (click to download)

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