To date, the AFTR Election Committee, chaired by Dory Logan has been unable to find a candidate for President to succeed Pam Hartkopf who will be stepping down in June.  The AFTR Constitution states that anyone can attend the April 16 general meeting and express an interest in running.  If that does not come to pass, members attending the April luncheon will be asked to vote on the an amendment to the AFTR of NJ Constitution to establish a “committee leadership”, with an expansion of the board to eight members.

Each member of the Board will be responsible for some aspect of running the organization.  AFTR members have been mailed a list of the various tasks and responsibilities of our many activities, along with the proposed amendment.   Members who wish to review the constitution can do so by using the Constitution tab on the website,

We continue to urge AFTR of NJ members to consider running for the proposed eight-member expanded and revised board created by this amendment.  Please contact Dory Logan, Election Committee Chair, at 908-823-3376 by April 1, 2013 if you would like to run.  This is an opportunity for you as an AFTR member to take an active role in the future of our retiree organization.

The AFT Retirees welcomes new members to its organization throughout the year.  Formed in 2003, the AFTR makes an effort to keep members aware of the issues facing retirees such as pensions, health care, Social Security and Medicare through its website, quarterly newsletter and luncheon meetings, which also provide social connections among old and new friends.   At this time, most of our members are teachers that retired from elementary and high school faculties, but we welcome colleagues from colleges and universities as well.  For more information, contact Pam Hartkopf, president at

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