West Virginia strike

AFT Leaders on Proposed Deal to End West Virginia Teacher Strike, AFT, March 6.

West Virginia teachers win 5% pay raise as massive strike comes to an end, Matt Pearce, LA Times, March 6.

Fed-Up Teachers Take Heart From West Virginia Strike, Steven Greenhouse, NY Times March 7.

West Virginia education workers are united as the strike for a fair contract continues. The state Senate should stop treating education workers as adversaries and work with us to ensure schools can open, so education workers and 250,000 students can return. Educators and parents in West Virginia are angry and frustrated with the Senate’s failure to honor the agreement, and so are we.

This strike has caught the attention of the nation. These brave teachers and school service personnel stood together in the first statewide strike in 28 years and demanded that the state’s leaders prioritize education. And before they went on strike, they even packed lunches for their students, so no student would miss a meal. When students, parents and the community saw what educators were fighting for, they stood with us.

Health insurance premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed to the point where educators are losing salary. The strike has gone on since Feb. 22. These are our AFT brothers and sisters—and in times of need, we stand together. Please make a donation to the AFT West Virginia solidarity fund.

Please make checks out to:
AFT-WV Solidarity Fund. Mail to: AFTWV, 1615 Washington Street E . Suite 300, Charleston WV 25311

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