Donna M. Chiera

AFTNJ President Donna M. Chiera was a delegate to the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

VIDEO: NJ Delegates Excited For Night One of Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia
July 26, 2016

Philadelphia – The Democratic National Convention kicked off in Philadelphia Monday night and the New Jersey delegates are excited for the week ahead.

Donna M. Chiera
AFTNJ President Donna M. Chiera

Delegates from all over the garden state were excited to get things started last night.

“Getting here, getting on the floor, feeling the energy, feeling the excitement. I’m just excited, I’m glad I’m a part of the New Jersey delegation,” said NJ Delegate Donna Chiera.

Ann Twomey
HPAE-AFT President Ann Twomey

“Looking forward to hearing some good speeches. Looking forward more to the outcome of unity between all the candidates and all the delegates,” said NJ Delegate Ann Twomey.


2016 DNC: Sanders pledges to do “all that he can” to get Clinton elected
Asbury Park Press, Karen Yi, Mike Davis and Jerry Carino, @njhoopshaven
11:12 a.m. EDT July 26, 2016

PHILADELPHIA – The first day of the Democratic National Convention kicked off Monday as New Jersey’s delegation heard from a slate of speakers about bringing together the party to beat Donald Trump come November.

Donna Chiera, 61, a Clinton delegate from Perth Amboy said this was the time for Sanders supporters to air their grievance.

“This is certainly what democracy stands for, they are having their say,” said Chiera, president of American Federation of Teachers New Jersey. “ You notice here at the Democratic convention no one’s running around telling them they have to be quiet or moving them out. This is democracy, they’ll have their say. I truly believe tonight’s the night they feel they have to speak out.”


NJ Delegation Feeling The “Bern” Over Emails On Day 1 Of DNC
July 25, 2016 11:46 AM By David Madden

(credit: David Madden)
(credit: David Madden)

Clinton delegate Donna Chiera of Perth Amboy considers the email controversy an unnecessary distraction that Bernie supporters need to put in the rear view mirror.

“They may not like the noise around Hillary,” she said. “They may not like her VP selection. But the alternative is Donald Trump.”


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