NJIT Adjunct Faculty Union Reaches First Agreement

Salary increases, professional development, opportunities for promotions key

NEWARK…New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) adjunct faculty reached a tentative agreement for their first union contract with the university, which promises to raise pay, create a grievance procedure and enhance professional development opportunities. Pay per credit would rise to a $1,500 minimum for the spring semester, which starts this month, and $1,550 for fall semester, which starts in September.…

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United Adjunct Faculty Endorse Campus Equity Week

United Adjunct Faculty of New Jersey, Local 2222, with chapters at ten community colleges, endorsed Campus Equity Week, starting October 30. The week is intended to promote awareness of the harmful consequences of the precarious situation of faculty in higher education, to organize for action, and to build solidarity among stakeholders, according to Campus Equity 2017.…

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AFT New Jersey Supports Adjunct Faculty Member Wrongly Fired after Tucker Carlson Appearance

American Federation of Teachers New Jersey (AFTNJ) President Donna M. Chiera issued the following statement on Essex County College Adjunct Faculty Member Lisa Durden, who was unjustifiably terminated following an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Channel show: “In a discussion with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Essex County College Adjunct Faculty member Lisa Durden tried to point out aspects of white privilege.…

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Video: Montclair Adjunct Faculty Awardees

Ruth Clark

Prof. Clark started teaching at Montclair State University more than three decades ago as a way to give back to the community and brings a wealth of experience to her craft.

Karen Guancione

Guancione is a practicing artist who brings her craft to Montclair State University students. She mixes art with activism.

Chris Natale

Biology Adjunct Faculty member, Natale has been teaching at Montclair State University for 20 years and brings pharmaceutical industry experience.…

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Rutgers union grows with NJIT adjunct faculty, graduate workers

By Bob Makin, Courier News and Home Tribune

More than 300 adjunct faculty professors at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) have voted to form a union local.

The state Public Employee Relations Commission (PERC), the entity that regulates public sector unions in New Jersey, certified the vote on April 25. The local is affiliating with the Rutgers American Association of University Professors-American Federation of Teachers.…

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Assembly Higher Education Talks Adjuncts and Tenure

The working conditions of Adjunct faculty were up for discussion in the State Assembly Higher Education Committee meeting Thursday, Oct. 6 in Trenton. Chair Mila Jasey heard from legislators Sen. (and former Governor) Dick Codey and Assemblyman Dan Benson, former Assembly Speaker Joseph Doria as well as an AFT New Jersey delegation consisting of Dan O’Connor, Susanna Tardi, David Chapman, Elaine Bobrove and Steve Young.…

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AAUP-AFT protest for negotiated part-time lecturer contracts

By Sophie Nieto-Munoz


As Rutgers reaches its 250th anniversary of being a revolutionary higher-education institution, many say the biggest revolution would be paying part-time lecturers.

The Rutgers Council of AAUP-AFT Chapters (American Association of University Professors- American Federation of Teachers) congregated at Busch Campus Center on Monday to protest the lack of contracts, benefits and respect from the University.…

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Adjuncts at UCC continue to vent frustration with pattern of disrespect

By Cheryl Hehl, Staff Writer

UNION COUNTY, NJ — Although both Kean and Union County College continue to use adjunct, or part-time, professors in large numbers, these educators maintain job security, pay and status continue to be an issue despite efforts on their part to change this pattern.

After LocalSource reported in the May 21 edition about the ongoing problems adjuncts were having at both educational facilities, UCC adjuncts came forward to express their views and straighten out any misconceptions there might be about what they are paid for their teaching services.…

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Kean, UCC adjuncts feel disrespected

Part-time teachers have similar work load as tenured staff, make far less money

By Cheryl Hehl, Staff Writer

UNION COUNTY, NJ — The role of adjunct professors in higher education is continually expanding, but these non-tenured employees at both Kean University and Union County College claim while their numbers continue to grow, they are not respected or valued by administration.…

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Adjuncts: The Cash Cows of MSU

By Daniel Borja, Columnist

The gradual increase in student enrollment and tuition fees are lucrative opportunities for the administration at Montclair State University. For adjunct professors, however, the growing number of students and tuition fees do not mean an increase in their low-wage salaries.

In the fall of 2014, student enrollment rose to 15,885 and with the growing number of transfer and freshman students, Montclair State’s student population will continue to increase in the next few years.…

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