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Credit for fossil-fuel divestment decisions in higher education not always acknowledged

Even though myriad contributors often play a role in getting a college or university to divest from fossil fuels, “one group is seldom credited as the catalyst: student activists,” writes Emma Whitford for Insider Higher Ed.

“Many institutions give a nod to activists without elaborating on their efforts. … But in other cases, students get no thanks at all,” adds Whitford.…

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Local 6323’s Hughes plays key role in AFT resolution backing Green New Deal

AFT Convention delegates on July 29 passed a resolution in support of the Green New Deal, which calls for action against climate change.

Local 6323’s David Hughes, an AFTNJ higher education vice president, was involved with drafting the resolution.

“Our government has got to respect science and protect us,” said Hughes, an anthropology professor at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.…

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Climate March Report Back TESC Peggy Allan

Peggy Allan, Health and Safety chair of Local 4277, Thomas Edison College Federation of Professional Staff, walked with a ”No Frack” contingent from Trenton, NJ and Bucks County, PA area to the People’s Climate March, Sept. 21 in New York. “Pennsylvania and NJ are threatened with the oil and gas industry drilling in the Delaware watershed, so this is critical issue for water and air quality and overall health of the millions of people who would be affected if the water quality was diminished,” she said.…

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