Month: March 2019

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A chemistry professor explains why Rutgers faculty might go on strike

By Bob Boikess

When I arrived in New Brunswick in 1968, Rutgers was a sleepy little place. Its transformation into a major public AAU research university was due, in part, to the creation of an AAUP collective bargaining chapter in 1970. The economic status rating of our faculty went from a C to an A+ as Rutgers professors advanced to among the top tier of the highest paid faculties of public universities in the United States.…

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AFTNJ’s Chiera Calls For Expanding Access To Drivers’ Licenses For Immigrants

EDISON…Extending access to drivers’ licenses to undocumented immigrants in New Jersey is good public policy, according to AFTNJ President Donna M. Chiera. “This will help make our roads safer, benefit our economy and enable hard-working New Jerseyans to commute to work and support their families,” said Chiera. “As a classroom teacher from a school district with more than 90 percent Latino students, I know parents need to be able to pick up their children from school and transport them safely through normal childhood activities without fear.”…

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‘We have been bargaining to bring this lofty plan down to earth’

Carly Sitrin, NJ Spotlight

“If we do strike, we will be striking for the agenda of the Governor and the Secretary of higher education as expressed in this plan,” Rutgers AAUP-AFT vice president and anthropology professor David Hughes said. “We have been bargaining to bring [the aspects of] this lofty plan down to earth and to make it real and we have not made sufficient progress at the bargaining table.”…

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Connected Action Roadmap (CAR) Regional Information Sessions

The New Jersey Department of Education, in collaboration with the Partnership for Collaborative Professional Learning, which includes AFTNJ, seeks to ensure equitable access to high-quality education and postsecondary success for all students. We value a strategic and collaborative approach that connects standards-based curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional learning in a school culture that promotes an ongoing process of reflection on and growth in student learning.…

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Rutgers profs could now go on strike at any time

Adam Clark, NJ Advance Media for

Frustrated by contract talks that have dragged on for more than a year, Rutgers University professors have authorized union leaders to call for a strike, escalating the threat that they will walk off their jobs.

About 88 percent of union members, which includes 4,800 full-time professors and graduate workers, voted to authorize a strike, according the union.…

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Rutgers faculty members vote to authorize their union leaders to call for a strike

Catherine Carrera, North Jersey Record


“This is not about salary. It’s really about equality for women, equity among the three campuses, more full-time faculty for our students and fighting to increase the base pay of our lowest-paid graduate teaching assistants,” Kumar said.

According to research done by the union, faculty on the New Brunswick campus are paid at a higher rate than their peers at Camden and Newark.…

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Chiera Joins School Employees Health Benefits Plan Design Committee

In addition to serving on the Governor’s health insurance task force, AFTNJ President Donna Chiera has been named to the State Health Benefits Plan Design Committee.

The committee must approve changes to state health insurance plans. It is comprised of six members of management appointed by the Governor, and six members of unions, representing the AFL- CIO unions and the uniform unions.…

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Rutgers profs may strike

By Adam Clark, NJ Advance Media for

Fed up with contract talks that have dragged on since last year, Rutgers University professors are one step closer to walking off the job.

The faculty union’s leaders on Thursday asked their members to give permission to call for a strike, if necessary.

“We have taken this step because it is important to defend quality public higher education,” said Deepa Kumar, president of the union representing more than 4,800 full-time faculty and graduate workers.…

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Services For Steve Young

Steve Young, 71, of Woodland Park, formerly of Montclair, died “suddenly and unexpectedly” on March 3, 2019.

Visitation: Thursday March 7 from 5-7PM

Memorial Service: Saturday March 9th at 11AM

Location: Hugh M. Moriarty Funeral Home, 76 Park Street Montclair, NJ.
Steve Young
The long-time Executive Director of the Council of New Jersey State College locals, which represents 10,000 faculty, professional staff and librarians at nine state colleges and universities, Young previously served as President of the American Federation of Musicians.…

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