Month: February 2015

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Rutgers Union Protest at Old Queens Calls for Fair Contracts

Administration Refuses to Budge as Pressure from the Community Mounts in Support of Faculty and Staff

By David Bedford

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On February 24, close to 100 members of the Rutgers community protested at Old Queens, the university’s oldest building and home to its administration, for fair faculty and staff contracts from the administration.

The crowd consisted of professors, part-time lecturers, graduate students, undergraduate students, teaching assistants (TA’s), adjunct professors, and alumni.…

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AAUP-AFT faculty union rallies for fairer work contracts at Old Queens

By Natasha Tripathi

Faculty, staff and students protested yesterday afternoon at Old Queens to demonstrate resistance against the University administrative board sticking to the “subject to” clause, not considering salary raises for some time and proved solidarity in the University community.

People congregated at the corner of College Avenue and Hamilton Street before marching up and into the doors of Old Queens to protest while bargaining over faculty contracts goes on behind building doors.…

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Adjuncts Advocate for Better Pay and Recognition

By Laura French

A group seeking to bring awareness to the issues faced by adjunct professors demonstrated in the Student Center yesterday during common hour, holding up signs in protest and handing out flyers to passersby. The group, which included full-time professors, adjunct professors and members of the Ramapo Federation of State College Teachers, a local branch of the American Federation of Teachers, honored National Adjunct Awareness Day by drawing attention to what they see as unacceptably low pay, a lack of benefits, job security and a lack of recognition and respect in the academic community.…

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Most Rutgers faculty earn less than $50G

By Sergio Bichao

The highest paid employee at Rutgers University is not the institution’s president or even the head football coach.

That distinction belongs to Robert Heary, a surgeon at the university’s teaching hospital in Newark, who earned $3.14 million — a majority of which comes from practicing medicine, not tuition or state money.

In fact, all but seven of the 69 employees who earned more than $500,000 last year are faculty members or administrators at the university’s medical schools.…

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Districts Get Official Word: State Aid Payments Frozen for Most Schools Next Year

Some are glad that funds won’t be cut despite fiscal woes; others note than once again Christie isn’t complying with full-funding law

By John Mooney

New Jersey public schools were told officially yesterday what they had already learned Tuesday during Gov. Chris Christie’s budget address: state aid next year will basically amount to nothing more than they received this year.…

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Contingent faculty are in the spotlight for National Adjunct Action Week

Across the country this coming week, AFT’s 80,000 contingent faculty members will be taking action to demand justice in their workplaces and inform the public about the overuse and exploitation of adjunct and contingent faculty.

New Jersey

  • Raritan Valley Community College Faculty Federation Local 2375 will be conducting a teach-in at 1 PM on February 25 and will be conducting a “scarlet A” visibility action.
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Campaign to save Mater Dei Prep is ahead of schedule

By Jerry Carino

It seemed like a long shot: Raise $1 million in two months to keep Mater Dei Prep’s doors open beyond June. In the two weeks since challenge was issued, however, the “Save the Seraphs” movement has proved to be a resilient underdog.

As of Friday, $271,000 has been raised in binding pledges. An additional $204,000 has been raised for 2016-19 through multi-year pledges.…

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