Mayor of Union: Kean continues to put taxpayers ‘in the line of fire’

Clifton People Jr. takes a stand against university leadership

By Cheryl Hehl, Staff Writer

UNION – Tension between Union and Kean University intensified late last week when the mayor decided he had enough. It appears the last straw came when Kean purchased the $219,024 conference table and Mayor Clifton People Jr. decided it was time the gloves came off and the township started playing hardball.…

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Labor Ruling Could Allow More Faculty to Unionize

By Tamar Lewin

The National Labor Relations Board has issued a broad ruling that could open the way for more faculty members to join unions at private colleges and universities, a decision that could potentially bolster organized labor on campuses at a time when unions are pushing to represent the growing number of adjunct professors.

The ruling, in a case involving a union drive by contingent faculty at Pacific Lutheran University, sets out frameworks for deciding which faculty members are managerial and not eligible for a union, and which religious institutions and faculty are exempt from the labor board oversight.…

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Labor Board Sets New Tests for Whether Private-College Faculty Members Can Unionize

By Peter Schmidt

The National Labor Relations Board has made it easier for faculty members at religious colleges—and private colleges as a whole—to unionize.

In a 3-to-2 decision last week involving contingent faculty members at Pacific Lutheran University, the board laid out new standards for deciding two of the most-divisive questions in academic-labor law: whether a college’s religious nature should exempt it from NLRB jurisdiction, and whether faculty members have too much involvement in the management of their colleges to be considered as employees eligible for union representation.…

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Chris Christie’s Education Reforms Encountered Turbulence in 2014

By John Mooney

Political realities meant backing off on teacher evaluations and Newark’s state-appointed superintendent

As 2014 nears a close, it may be remembered as the first year that Gov. Chris Christie’s education reform agenda ran headlong into political realities, and the governor was forced to back off a bit on some of the key pieces of his plan.…

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Big Union Win

By Scott Jaschik

The National Labor Relations Board issued a ruling last week that could clear the way for much more unionization of faculty members at private colleges and universities.

The ruling rejected the claims of Pacific Lutheran University that its full-time, non-tenure track faculty members are managerial employees and thus are not entitled to collective bargaining.…

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Rutgers Faculty and Staff Joined At Statehouse By Elected Officials In Calling For Fair Contracts

‘Reclaim Rutgers’ Remains United in Fight For Fair Salaries & Decent Benefits

(Trenton, NJ) – Today, Rutgers faculty and staff in contract negotiations with the university were joined by state legislators, unions leaders and other allies on the steps of the State House. Together, they called on President Robert Barchi and the Rutgers Board of Governors to come to the bargaining table in good faith.…

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How Did These Graduate Students Improve Their Working Conditions? They Went on Strike!

By Michelle Chen

University of Oregon graduate teaching fellows picket on December 4, 2014, during their eight-day strike for better working conditions. (Justin Buchanan/AFT-OR Communications)

On their campus set amid the idyllic northwestern woodlands, graduate students at the University of Oregon stepped out of their classrooms and onto a historic picket line last week. The union, representing some 1,500 graduate teaching fellows, went on an eight-day strike and emerged Wednesday with a final deal, embattled but triumphant.…

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Elizabeth school board calls on Kean University to sell $219k conference table

By Katie Lannan, NJ Advance Media for

ELIZABETH — The city’s Board of Education has passed a resolution calling on Kean University to sell its controversial $219,000 conference table and put the funds toward reducing tuition or improving campus services, including student parking.

The school district is also asking its counterparts throughout Union County to take similar action, in hopes of sending a message to the university’s Board of Trustees.…

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Raritan Valley students rally against racism at ‘die-in’

BRANCHBURG – For three minutes they lay outstretched on the cold concrete of the courtyard of Raritan Valley Community College.

And then 11 times they chanted, “I can’t breathe,” a dramatic reminder of what Eric Garner said 11 times before he died because of a choke hold given to him by a police officer who was trying to arrest him for selling loose cigarettes on a Staten Island street.…

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At Senate Confirmation Hearing, Hespe Takes Some Tough Questions

By John Mooney

Topics acting commissioner tackles: Abbott v. Burke, salary caps, state-takeover districts, school choice and, inevitably, Cami Anderson

David Hespe’s qualifications to be confirmed as state education commissioner were never much of an issue; afterall, he held the job a decade ago.

But his confirmation hearing before the Senate judiciary committee yesterday still came with some pointed questions as to his positions and to those of his boss, Gov.…

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Sweeney unveils new bill aimed at streamlining Rutgers board

By Patricia Alex, Staff Writer, The Record.

Senate President Stephen Sweeney on Tuesday moved to fast-track a bill aimed at streamlining the way Rutgers University is governed.

The legislation would reduce the number of members on the Rutgers Board of Trustees from 59 to 41, but it would not substantially diminish the group’s influence – something Sweeney had sought and Rutgers had fought in the past.…

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Board of Governors review University issues, AAUP-AFT stages protest at meeting

Board of Governors listens to pleas for fairer contracts, proposes changes to governance structure, instates revisions to Code of Conduct

By Katie Park

Members of the Rutgers chapter of the American Association of University Professors-American Federation of Teachers protest the Dec. 9 Board of Governors meeting, demanding fairer contracts.

The semester’s first Board of Governors meeting, held two months ago at Rutgers-Camden, was a quiet affair.…

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