How political propaganda took over the movies

By Stephen Whitty/The Star-Ledger

All politics is about persuasion — using logic, or more likely emotion, or most likely self-interest to bring a colleague or constituent around to your point of view.

An examination of the films hitting the screen recently and a look at the forces behind them shows that more and more, political interests are using movies to do their persuading for them.…

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AFT praises Newark Teachers Union’s contract agreement

The tentative contract agreement between the Newark Teachers Union and the school district, announced on Oct. 18, is a win for students, a win for teachers and a win for Newark, AFT president Randi Weingarten says.

The agreement “recognizes the quality of educators’ work, values their experience and training, ensures they have a say in decisions affecting teaching and learning in their schools, and makes teacher retention a priority by, among other things, adjusting salaries to allow teachers to earn more money earlier in their careers,” Weingarten says.…

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Newark Teachers Contract, a Game-Changer for NJ’s Often-Troubled School District

Pay for performance and peer reviews are radical changes — but they also show what can be done with $50 million in private funding
By John Mooney
NTU Signing
Credit: Howard Best/NPS
NTU president Joseph Del Grosso and Newark super Cami Anderson.

It is touted as a historic agreement, one that will remake how Newark teachers are judged and paid — one that may even serve as a model for other school districts around the country.…

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Landmark Newark teachers contract signed by city school chief and union boss

By Jessica Calefati/The Star-Ledger


Star-Ledger file photo. Newark Schools Superintendent Cami Anderson, pictured in this file photo, signed a landmark three-year contract that will offer bonuses to top teachers in the state’s largest school district for the first time.

NEWARK — Newark’s superintendent of schools and teachers union president today signed a landmark three-year contract that will offer bonuses to top teachers in the state’s largest school district for the first time.

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Unions: Teachers pact in Newark includes merit pay

NEWARK — A tentative contract has been reached for teachers in the Newark Public School system, allowing for merit pay bonuses that will be funded mainly through a $100 million grant from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, a union official said.

The contract allows for up to $12,500 in bonuses tied to performance evaluations, said Newark Teachers Union President Joseph Del Grosso, making it the first in the state to tie the pay of public school teachers partly to how well their students perform.

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Newark Teacher’s Contract Culmination of Two Years Give and Take

The new deal includes large-scale bonus system and teachers evaluating teachers
By John Mooney

Two years in the making — two very public years, thanks to Facebook — and the Newark teachers union has reached a preliminary agreement with the Christie administration for a new contract that will include bonus pay and an unprecedented role for teachers to police and evaluate their peers.

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N.J. political group pushing for $750M higher ed bond gets $900K in donations

By Kelly Heyboer/ The Star-Ledger

State Senate President Steve Sweeney and Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean meet with President Kathleen Waldron of William Paterson University and John Galandak of the Commerce and Industry Association for a brief tour of Hunziker Wing, home to the university’s nursing programs. The tour promotes a $750 million bond proposal that will be up for a vote on Election Day.
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Newark teachers strike historic deal including bonuses for top educators

By Kelly Heyboer/ The Star-Ledger

Newark Schools Superintendent Cami Anderson is shown with Cory Booker in this file photo. The Newark Teachers Union has reached a historic deal. Star-Ledger file photo.

NEWARK — The Newark Teachers Union has reached a historic deal with the state that will make the district the first in New Jersey to offer bonuses based on how teachers perform in the classroom, union officials said today.

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Watching ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) in NJ

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) was founded in 1973 as a clearinghouse to promote legislation at the state level, and it has since developed into a highly prominent lobbying vehicle for hundreds of the US’s leading corporations. According to the Center for Media and Democracy, over 98% of ALEC’s annual revenue comes from corporations and sources other than legislative dues.…

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AFTNJ Joins advocacy against waiving NCLB provisions

October 15, 2012

Arne Duncan
U.S. Secretary of Education
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202

Dear Secretary Duncan,

We are writing to express our grave concerns about the negative impact of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver on New Jersey’s most vulnerable children.

We understand that the waivers were an effort to return more control to the states to improve educational opportunities and outcomes.…

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