Month: February 2011

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Adjunct Alternative or Union Busting?


Some adjunct leaders outside of Ocean County, however, see this as problematic for the future of higher education. William Lipkin, treasurer of the New Faculty Majority, a national association representing adjuncts, and president of the New Jersey branch of the American Federation of Teachers, called the creation and use of these positions “exploitation.” He admitted he had not seen a model similar to the one being promoted at Ocean County College.…

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Union workers rally in Trenton

Joshua Rosenau
Staff Writer

A windy, rainy Saturday was not enough to keep thousands of union boosters from the New Jersey State House steps in Trenton where they assembled in solidarity with Wisconsin’s embattled workers.

“Collective bargaining is a human right, a moral right, an ethical right and an American right,” said Stephanie Bloomingdale, secretary-treasurer of the Wisconsin State American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) in her address to the crowd.…

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AFTNJ Stands With Wisconsin Workers

AFT New Jersey member, quoted in Star Ledger:
“The governor should be aware he needs to bargain in good faith,” said Michael McGarvey, a professor of art at Stockton College. “We don’t think the budget should be balanced on the backs of public employees.”

TRENTON — There were cheeseheads, signs calling for the recall of Gov.…

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Kean University requires faculty members to document the hours they work

UNION TOWNSHIP — In addition to teaching classes, advising students and doing research, Kean University professors have a new task this semester: Filling out time cards.

Last month, the Union Township-based public university began requiring full-time faculty members to submit biweekly forms proving they are working at least 35 hours a week.

Kean officials say the time sheets are needed to document that professors are working full-time hours and are eligible for state health benefits.…

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The Union Attitude: CCM’s Becky Hodd on professional union

I love professional unions. When I started teaching in 1971 in a fourth grade classroom in Mechanicsburg, PA,  one of the first people I met was my union faculty representative. My principal had an all female staff which cut down on any dissent, and the faculty meetings were always a burden. He talked; we listened. At the end of the meeting, he acknowledged the faculty rep (FR), and she was to bring up any “issues.”As

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