Rutgers Workers Rally to Ask Whether Management “Got Ethics?”

Calling on Board of Governors to reject budget that breaks contracts

NEW BRUNSWICK… Asking “Got Ethics?—university workers are rallying and marching on Rutgers main campus prior to today’s Board of Governors meeting. Rutgers Labor Coalition, representing more than 10,000 unionized workers at the state university, is presenting an ethics complaint about a contract breach, calling on the Board of Governors to reject the fiscal year 2011 budget until negotiated agreements are honored.…

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State Certifies NJIT Graduate and Postdoc Workers Union

Union vote verified while AFT national reaches 1.5 million-member milestone

NEWARK…A unique group of high-tech academics workers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology has voted to unionize, the state’s Public Employee Relations Commission (PERC) announced today. Graduate and postdoctoral workers at the state’s leading technology university have formed a union to advocate for better working conditions and healthcare benefits—the second graduate worker union in the state and the first whose composition includes postdoctoral workers.…

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