Baraka and Pro-Charter Slate Sweeps Newark School Board Elections Again

By Alyana Alfaro


Newark Teachers Union President John Abeigon said that, while the NTU respects Baraka’s decision to support a compromise slate, they do not agree that working with charter school advocates is in the best interest of Newark students. Abeigon said that he hopes the newly elected members of the school board move toward a moratorium on charter schools.…

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Rutgers DREAMer Faces Possible Deportation #HandsOffCarimer

By Brenda Flanagan, Correspondent

DREAMer Carimer Andujar rallied marchers last November in support of unauthorized immigrants and to make Rutgers a sanctuary campus.

“Which means that students like myself … will be able to go to class and not fear deportation,” she said.

But this month, the firebrand president of UndocuRutgers got a letter from ICE ordering her to a meeting with deportation officers early next month.…

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DACA student at Rutgers to be interviewed by immigration officials #HandsOffCarimer

Monsy Alvarado, Staff Writer

Immigration officials have told an undocumented Rutgers University student who was brought to the United States as a child and later granted protection from deportation that she needs to report to their office in the coming weeks for an interview, a move that has raised concern among professors whose union has asked that the school declare itself a sanctuary for undocumented students.…

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