Would Rutgers coach Kyle Flood’s email to prof get him in trouble at other Big Ten schools?

By Kelly Heyboer, NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

NEW BRUNSWICK — The email that Rutgers football coach Kyle Flood allegedly sent to an instructor in one of his player’s classes would be forbidden on several other schools in the Big Ten, according to a NJ Advance Media survey of campus policies.


The faculty union, which represents professors and part-time lecturers at the 65,000-student state university, called on Rutgers President Robert Barchi last week to clarify exactly when and if coaches can speak to faculty about athletes.…

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Public worker pension loan proposal turning heads, Sweeney says

By Samantha Marcus, NJ Advance Media

TRENTON — Senate President Stephen Sweeney says his proposal for a $1 trillion low-interest pension loan program is a “long shot,” but the federal government should help states get a handle on their crippling pension debt.

Late last month, Sweeney (D-Gloucester), who is considered a likely 2017 candidate for governor, suggested creating a nationwide Federal Reserve loan program to rescue states threatened by high government worker pension shortfalls.…

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Rutgers Football Coach Under Investigation

By Scott Logan


But faculty members said it was indeed unusual, and cause for concern, if Flood was regularly in direct communication with those responsible for teaching his team members.

“There is a general understanding that only academic support personnel should talk to us – and we’re under no obligation to listen,” said David Hughes, an anthropology professor who leads the faculty union.…

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