Bergen Community College cuts 64 full-time lecturer positions

By Patricia Alex, Staff Writer, The Record

The positions of 64 full-time lecturers at Bergen Community College have been cut as the school struggles to cope with a mix of stagnant state and county funding and declining enrollment.

The move will save nearly $934,000 and comes after 150 part-time staffers either had their hours eliminated or reduced earlier in the month in an effort to save $1 million more, said school spokesman Larry Hlavenka Jr.…

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Kean U seeks Communists for China campus jobs

By Ronica Cleary

Union, New Jersey (My9NJ) – Looking for a new job? Well Kean University is hiring at its campus in China. The catch? Membership in the Chinese Communist Party is preferred!


James Castiglione is an Associate Professor at Kean in Union and is President of the Kean Federation of Teachers.

He’s calling on the state for a forensic audit of spending here at Kean because he has serious concerns about this issue amongst others involving spending and layoffs at the University.…

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Teachers Needed to Review State English and Math Standards

What is next for the standards currently known as “Common Core”? Three Content Subcommittees will review each set of standards (K-2, 6-12 English Language Arts, and 6-12 Math) in-depth. Each subcommittee will propose a set of revised standards to a Standards Review Committee for consideration. Educators can apply for the content subcommittees, no nomination is required.…

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Public Employees’ Retirement System Chair Discusses New Pension Lawsuit

Another shot fired in the court battle over public worker pension payments. Four years ago unions cut a deal with Gov. Chris Christie to put pension payments on a secure footing. But when less than expected revenue came in, the state balanced the budget by contributing less than expected payments. The unions sued and the state Supreme Court effectively let the state off the hook.…

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