NJ college affordability package falls short: Editorial

By Star-Ledger Editorial Board

For millennials in a cruel economy, a bachelor’s degree is hardly optional. College grads earn better salaries, and are less vulnerable to unemployment and poverty. Higher education is grotesquely expensive — particularly in New Jersey — but the cost of not going to college is worse.

Pity, then, the double-barreled misery of students who start college but don’t finish — leaving school with crushing debt but no degree.…

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The Obama Administration’s Next Big Move in the Battle Over Public Education

By Gary Cohn

The nomination of Ted Mitchell to the Department of Ed. is a clear indication of just how cozy this administration plans to get with the corporate reform crowd.

The nomination of Californian Ted Mitchell to the number two position at the U.S. Department of Education is the latest indication that proponents of school privatization are continuing to gain influence over the Obama administration’s education policy.…

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