5 Ways Student Debt Resistance Is Taking Off

By James Cersonsky

As student debt skyrockets, the movement to resist it is spreading.

On September 9, Sallie Mae became the 50th corporation to cut ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council—and the first to do so under pressure from students.

As a member of the controversial legislative advocacy group, commonly known as ALEC, Sallie Mae had drafted model legislation to limit higher education funding.…

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In battleground LD 3, calls for higher-ed affordability and minimum wage hike

By Bill Mooney

WESTVILLE – One week out from the election, the Senate President – labeled an ouster target by the GOP – joined an assembly of national educational and labor leaders to address one of the state’s major problems: The fact many New Jersey students can’t afford to attend college in their home state.

NJ State Senate President Steve Sweeney
NJ State Senate President Steve Sweeney

Last year, Sen.…

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Rowan student, legislators announce affordable college study, make final pre-election minimum wage hike push

By Carly Q. Romalino/ South Jersey Times

WEST DEPTFORD — Rachel Storch, a Rowan University junior, thought she’d be set to earn her diploma in 2015, get a job she loves and leave the Glassboro campus without much debt weighing her down.

American Federation of Teachers national President Randi Weingarten speaks about the need for more affordable education in New Jersey on Monday, Oct.

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Dorm space going unused at NJ colleges

By Pat Alex

New Jersey’s largely commuter public colleges and universities made a concerted push over the last decade or so to make their campuses more residential, spending tens of millions of dollars on new dormitories and recreation centers.

But the economic downturn has reduced demand at some schools, leaving them with empty beds even as they continue to pay back the bonds used to build new facilities.…

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