5 Biggest Lies About America’s Public Schools — Debunked

By Kristin Rawls

Here’s the truth behind 5 of the most destructive myths about public education.

Just weeks into the 2012-2013 school year education issues are already playing a starring role in the national conversation about America’s future. Because it’s an election year, the presidential candidates have been busy pretending there are many substantial distinctions between them on education policy (actually, the differences are arguably minimal).…

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Education Department Report Shows More Borrowers Defaulting on Student Loans

By Tamar Lewin

The percentage of borrowers who defaulted on federal education loans within the first three years of payments rose to an average of 13.4 percent last year — 22.7 percent for those who attended for-profit colleges — according to statistics released on Friday by the Department of Education.

With tuition rising steadily, and family income falling, the number of borrowers with federally guaranteed student loans has increased by about a third in the last five years, to more than 37 million.…

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Opinion: N.J. private universities should not be exempt from local planning, zoning approvals

The New Jersey Assembly is considering legislation A2586, while S1534 has been approved by the Senate. These measures would exempt private universities and colleges from gaining approval from municipal planning and zoning boards when they seek to develop their land. A past court decision exempts public colleges and universities from the need to secure these approvals, because they are seen as instruments of the state that are serving a critical public mission.…

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New Obama Ads Tout Goal of Cutting Tuition and Attack Romney on Pell Grants

By Michael Stratford

As part of a two-minute campaign advertisement released on Thursday, President Obama outlines an economic plan, called “a new economic patriotism,” that includes his pledge to reduce college tuition and expand federal student aid.

Speaking directly to a camera, Mr. Obama says that the United States will remain competitive by ”training two million Americans with the job skills they need at our community colleges, cutting the growth of tuition in half, and expanding student aid so more Americans can afford it.”


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