Reorganization a first step towards prioritizing student success and medical care

June 28, 2012
Nat Bender, Communications Director
American Federation of Teachers NJ
(908) 377-0393.

Group representing doctors, nurses, faculty and all levels of staff calls for increased financial support for higher education to accompany implementation

TRENTON, N.J.—Representatives of the doctors, nurses, professors and all levels of higher education workers publically supported the amended version of legislation to merge UMDNJ into Rutgers when outstanding governance issues in South Jersey were resolved in a way that preserves the independence and integrity of Rutgers University and its Camden and Newark campuses, as well as Rowan University.…

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AFTNJ Wisconsin Report Back

AFTNJ Research Analyst Tom Peretti recently returned from the community and labor campaign to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. The recall was prompted by Gov. Walker’s decision to effectively repeal collective bargaining rights for public employees, only allowing their unions to negotiate for base wages. This sparked a massive response from the citizens of Wisconsin, the birthplace of public sector collective bargaining, who showed up by the tens of thousands at the state capitol in Madison to protest the new law.

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Q and A about Tenure Rights and the Teacher Effectiveness and Accountability for the Children of NJ Act (TEACH)

1. How would the TEACH NJ act change the process for new teachers to earn tenure?
If enacted, TEACH would:
• Pair new teachers with an experienced teacher for a “mentorship year” prior to a three-year tenure review, extending the tenure process to four years.
• Require an “effective” or “highly effective” rating for at least two of the three years after the mentorship year to earn tenure.…

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Englewood charter teachers and staff ratify first contract

Teachers at Englewood on the Palisades Charter School ratified their first contract Thursday, June 21, negotiating changes in the school’s schedule they believe will benefit students. The negotiating team of the New Jersey Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff held that merely adding days to the school year and hours to the school day did not prove to be beneficial to the students.…

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Press release: State Teachers Federation Commends ‘Teacher Effectiveness and Accountability for the Children of New Jersey Act,’ Calls for Improvement in Appeals Process Language

Clarification of Scope of Appeal Process Would Make Legislation Stronger

EDISON, N.J.—The American Federation of Teachers New Jersey (AFTNJ) supports S. 1455, the Teacher Effectiveness and Accountability for the Children of New Jersey Act, AFTNJ President Donna M. Chiera said today. “Changes of this magnitude are never easy. We applaud the authors of the bill, particularly Sen.…

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