Lautenberg, even at 88, not too old to brawl


You can say what you want about U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, but the man knows how to deliver a punch. And, even at age 88, he’s lost none of his zest for political street brawls.

Lautenberg, a Democrat who first won election to the Senate in 1982, will be 90 if he chooses to run in 2014, and he’s giving the impression that he’s not in any mood to ride off into the sunset.…

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Rowan points to aid figures

Written by JIM WALSH. Courier-Post Staff

GLASSBORO — Rowan University’s top official on Friday said a financial-aid imbalance exists between his school and Rutgers-Camden, but asserted that would be addressed after a planned merger between the two institutions.

Ali Houshmand, Rowan’s interim president, raised the issue in a letter to U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg, who has requested a federal review of the proposed merger.…

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Dem vs. Dem over college merger

By Bob Ingle

TRENTON — The people opposed to the merger of Rowan University and Rutgers-Camden are questioning whether Gov. Christie can do that on his own. There also are questions about whether Jon Corzine had authority to create Cooper Medical School at Rowan, which fits into all this.

The Office of Legislative Services, an arm of the Legislature, said that Christie can’t use a 1969 law that empowers the governor to reorganize state departments with modest legislative input.…

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Budget Review: School Aid, Pricey Consultants Are Scrutinized

Despite prodding, Sarlo doesn’t expect changes in education budget

By John Mooney

The Christie administration’s education budget was first up for the Democrat-controlled legislature’s review yesterday, facing a barrage of questions from the fairness of its funding for local schools to the high-priced consultants hired inside the state department itself.

The target of the mostly polite questioning was acting education commissioner Chris Cerf, who with his top staff, sat through more than four hours of inquiry from the Senate budget committee about his decisions and policies on a broad range of topics, not all of them budget related.…

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