Education Is in the Streets

By Scott McLemee

When students took to the streets in Rome last November to demonstrate against proposed budget cuts to the university system, they introduced something new to the vocabulary of protest. To defend themselves from police truncheons they carried improvised shields made of polystyrene, painted, on the front, with the names of classic works of literature and philosophy: Moby Dick, The Republic, Don Quixote, A Thousand Plateaus….…

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A Snapshot of Newark’s New School Year: Pivotal and Promising

Joseph DelGrosso, head of the Newark Teachers Union, has commended Anderson for her inclusion of the union in the development of the teacher evaluation pilot, he said other places still need work, with agreements not yet in place on extended days and other extraordinary measures for the lowest-performing schools.

“I’m hoping for a smooth opening, but there are some still unresolved issues,” said DelGrosso.…

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New Jersey must invest more in higher education

By Star-Ledger Editorial Board

The cost of higher education in New Jersey continues to outpace the rate of inflation at most schools, another symptom of the state’s stinginess toward its colleges and universities.
Increases in tuition and fees at two dozen public and private schools will range from 1.6 percent at Rutgers University to more than 7 percent Ramapo College and New Jersey City University, according to a survey by The Star-Ledger’s Kelly Heyboer.…

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Did Monmouth Push Poll?

Did Monmouth Push Poll?
by: DSWright

A Monmouth University Poll came out today claiming New Jersey residents support Education Reform, which is not surprising because everyone does. I don’t know anyone who thinks the current system is perfect – no one, anywhere. Though one should not confuse reforming education with “Education Reform” (aka privatization/corporate takeover).

The poll was done in cooperation with NJ Press Media (Gannett) who have sent some odd signals out about their view of “Education Reform.” Particularly meeting with a “education reformer”/Party Boss George Norcross without inviting one of their political reporters.…

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Public Education’s Dangerous Silence

When educators are silent, the governor’s barbs and soundbites are all the more convincing
By Gordon MacInnes, August 26 in Opinion

Welcome to New Jersey and to the 18-month street fight waged by Gov. Chris Christie against public education. By this time, the governor’s attacks against teachers and their unions, superintendents’ associations and local school board are almost pro forma.…

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