Zahra Bukhari Awarded Yovnello Scholarship

As a Muslim-American woman of mixed ethnicity, Rutgers student Zahra Bukhari said she has always been categorized as the “other” and embraced activism by bringing people together through art. For her social justice work, Bukhari has been named the “Nick Yovnello Social Justice Scholarship” winner by the American Federation of Teachers New Jersey, according to political education chair Kay Schechter.…

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New Jersey will move away from PARCC testing, but the transition could take years

Dustin Racioppi and Hannan Adely, NorthJersey

New Jersey will begin moving away from the controversial PARCC exams and move toward a “new generation” of statewide testing, Gov. Phil Murphy said Tuesday.


Robert Barbier, a high school English teacher in Garfield, said he believes the proposed changes in testing would have a big impact in the classroom.…

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Press: AFT New Jersey on moving away from high-stakes testing

Contact: Nat Bender, 908-377-0393, nbender [at]

AFT New Jersey President Donna M. Chiera said, “Today, Governor Murphy took the first step in returning students to classrooms where the focus is on teaching—not just testing. These proposals will allow students to be engaged in a rich, rigorous, broad curriculum rather than one narrowed down to where attention is only focused on tested subjects.…

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Gutierrez: ‘Working men and women need a unified voice’

The following letter appeared in the Star-Ledger.

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Tell the World Why You Are Sticking To The Union.

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The Supreme Court’s Janus v. AFSCME decision last week strikes a blow against the unions that fight for members’ hard-earned benefits. More importantly, lower wages and lessened benefits create even more uncertainty to workers without the security of a union and collective bargaining.…

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Advocating to Keep Families Together

Union members across the nation joined many of the more than 750 demonstrations against the Trump administration’s family separation policy on June 30. United Adjunct Faculty of New Jersey – Mercer Chapter President Leonard Winogora, spoke out against the injustice at an 800-person rally in Princeton.

Winogora, a philosophy professor at Mercer County Community College, decried the forced separations and read excerpts from the complaint delivered by AFT to the United Nations against this “cruel and immoral” action.…

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Report a Union Buster #IAmAFT

If you hear anything about strange home-visits or members being encouraged to drop out of the union, share what you’ve heard so we can spread the word.

The same billionaires who funded the Janus case are trying another approach to weaken us. They just don’t want us to be able to stand up for ourselves, our schools and our neighborhoods.…

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NJ Public Unions Vow To Stand Up To U.S. Supreme Court Janus Ruling

Colleen O’Dea, NJ Spotlight

Union leaders, Democratic lawmakers remain uncowed by decision to strip public-sector unions of right to collect ‘fair-share’ fees from nonmembers who benefit from negotiated contracts

The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a harsh, but not unexpected blow to public-sector unions yeterday, when it ruled that nonunion members cannot be forced to pay fees to them.…

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FB Friends: Frame Your Profile

Make sure you Like AFTNJ on Facebook

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Sticking To The Union

Regardless of how the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Janus v. AFSCME, I believe New Jersey’s union members know the value of relying on one another as active members of our unions. Whether we are teaching in an elementary-school or university classroom, counseling students, crunching numbers or keeping our campus safe and clean, AFT members support one another and express our collective professional voice through our union.…

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Press: Education Workers Will Remain United as Supreme Court Sides With Wealthy, Corporate Interests in Anti-Union Case

Decision Won’t Stop Union Growth as Workers Organize to Give Voice to Shared Values

EDISON—The U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of wealthy and corporate interests’ attempt to silence workers and their unions won’t stop them from working to build a better life for themselves, those they serve and their communities, according to AFT New Jersey President Donna M.…

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