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In reversal, UMDNJ endorses plan to merge parts of school with Rutgers University


Amanda Brown/The Star-LedgerThe proposed merger between the two schools might signal that a decade-long standoff on the controversial proposal may be over.

NEW BRUNSWICK — The presidents of Rutgers University and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey said today they are now working together on a merger between parts of the schools — signaling that a decade-long standoff on the controversial proposal may be over.…

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Knight on the Knights

If you or one of your children are going to college, you know how much the cost of a college degree has increased over the decades. Students and their families are forced to go into significant debt even as the job market for college graduates shrinks. Students from lower income families are especially disadvantaged because loans are harder to come by.…

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Talk about merging some schools into a University of South Jersey

By James Osborne, Inquirer Staff Writer

A University of South Jersey?

When Democratic deal-maker and Cooper University Hospital chairman George E. Norcross III talked up the concept – at a recent business luncheon in Mount Laurel – of merging Rowan University with Rutgers-Camden, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Stratford, and the soon-to-open Cooper-Rowan Medical School, to many observers it sounded far-fetched.…

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Former Rutgers University administrator still eligible for $400K compensation next year


McCormick’s new salary angered many members of Rutgers’ faculty and staff unions. The university has frozen the salaries and canceled raises for union members since last year, citing the school’s budget problems. At Rutgers Board of Governors meeting in recent months, union members waved blown-up copies of mock dollar bills and signs protesting Furmanski and McCormick’s salaries.…

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Another Round at Rutgers

Catherine A. Lugg, a professor of education and treasurer of the faculty union, believes, as do others, that the university’s trajectory toward big-time sports began with a few outspoken members of the Board of Governors who wanted Rutgers to become a football powerhouse — and the power and tunnel vision of those members made voices of opposition irrelevant, they say.…

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Anxiety in N.J. over college-aid funding

Officials with the American Federation of Teachers New Jersey, the state conference of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), and the Health Professionals and Allied Employees said Thursday that in addition to its effect on tuition and aid, Christie’s budget would result in fewer faculty and programs, less research, and larger classes.
Already, they said, New Jersey ranks near the bottom nationally in state funding for higher education.…

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Rutgers Workers Rally to Ask Whether Management “Got Ethics?”

Calling on Board of Governors to reject budget that breaks contracts

NEW BRUNSWICK… Asking “Got Ethics?—university workers are rallying and marching on Rutgers main campus prior to today’s Board of Governors meeting. Rutgers Labor Coalition, representing more than 10,000 unionized workers at the state university, is presenting an ethics complaint about a contract breach, calling on the Board of Governors to reject the fiscal year 2011 budget until negotiated agreements are honored.…

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State Commission Orders Rutgers Management to Defend Contract Breach

Rutgers unions advance collaborative legal strategy in response to pay freeze

NEW BRUNSWICK… The state Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC) today approved a jointly submitted order to show cause for unions representing 10,000 Rutgers workers, forcing university management to defend its unilateral pay freeze. The unions are arguing for expedited arbitration, which would offer a speedy resolution for the breach of contract claim.…

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