Combining in-person and remote learning at the same time is the least preferable teaching option “because it’s exhausting for teachers … and all students appear to learn less this way,” writes The Hechinger Report’s Jill Barshay, citing a study published Jan. 6 in the Educational Researcher.

“Every teacher in our study was clear that being asked to teach in a blended-hybrid manner was the worst way to be asked to teach,” said Lora Bartlett, an associate professor of education at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in Barshay’s story. “This is not whining about working hard at all. It’s a professional assessment of a flawed model. We’re saying it’s hard for teachers to meet the needs of students.”

Bartlett added, “You can’t play a video game about driving and drive in real life. It’s completely absurd.”

Read Barshay’s story here.

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