For the second month in a row, President Joe Biden was in New Jersey, this time visiting with preschool-age children Oct. 25 at East End Elementary School in North Plainfield to promote the Build Back Better Agenda, which includes establishing universal preschool.

Also at East End were Gov. Phil Murphy and AFTNJ President Donna M. Chiera, who spoke with Biden prior to his departure for commitments in Kearny.

“I thanked President Biden for not only bringing educators to the table but for listening to and respecting their opinions,” Chiera said. “He responded with a chuckle and said if he didn’t, the White House would be very lonely without his wife.”

Chiera added, “Biden said he knows from firsthand experience how much educators care for their students. He also stated that a quality preK program has a lifelong impact on a child’s success. I clearly saw this was not just part of his stump speech: He was a true believer.”

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