Dr. Angelica Allen-McMillan, acting commissioner of New Jersey’s Department of Education, on May 26 provided an overview of the $2.7 billion New Jersey will receive via the American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ARP ESSER).

She pointed out that the NJDOE on May 24 published each district’s allocation of this third installment of ESSER funds. “Under ARP, as was the case under the CARES Act and the [CRRSA] Act, at least 90 percent of the state’s total ARP ESSER allocation must be subgranted directly to school districts in this manner,” Dr. Allen-McMillan explained. “In New Jersey, this amounts to approximately $2.49 billion dollars in funds to school districts.”

On May 24, the NJDOE also released the ARP ESSER Fund application for districts.

“Due to how the United States Department of Education structured the release of ARP ESSER funds to states, at this time, an application will provide school districts with access to two-thirds of the total amount of their ESSER fund allocation amount,” she said. “In order for New Jersey to receive the remaining one-third of its ARP ESSER allocation, and to provide districts with access to the remaining one-third of their allocations, the New Jersey Department of Education must submit an ARP ESSER state plan to the United States Department of Education.”

A draft of the NJDOE’s ARP ESSER state plan is available for public view, and comments will be accepted through June 3, she said. The NJDOE must submit its plan to the U.S. DOE by June 7.

“I am thrilled to share these updates with my fellow educators,” Dr. Allen-McMillan said. “ARP ESSER funds will be available to school districts through Sept. 30, 2024.”

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