Larry Ferlazzo

Here’s my humble attempt to identify the best and the worst education news that occurred during the past 12 months. I hope you’ll take time to share your own choices in the comment section

I’ll list the ones I think are the best first, followed by the worst. However, it’s too hard to rank them within those categories, so I’m not listing them in any order.

You might also be interested in my list from last year, “The Best (and Worst) Education News of 2010.”

The Best Education News in 2011:

*A new “meta-analysis” of hundreds of studies found that “discovery learning” (inductive, inquiry, constructivist) was more effective than direct instruction methods. You want “research-based” instruction? Here it is!

* The organizing responses to attacks on teacher bargaining rights, including the approval of a referendum in Ohio to repeal a law limiting them there and the massive protests in Wisconsin resulting in partially successful state senator recalls the recently initiated campaign to recall Governor Walker.


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