A planned protest by Rutgers University faculty members about recent layoffs morphed into a rally Sept. 26 in New Brunswick about additional issues as well, among them saving the Lincoln Annex School, reports The Daily Targum’s Hayley Slusser.

Among the 1,000-plus who have been let go since the start of the pandemic are part-time lecturers and dining-hall workers. In reference to the latter, Local 1766 President Christine O’Connell told Slusser, “Any bad weather, they’re here to keep the dining halls open to serve our students. And at first opportunity, they were all of a sudden not that essential anymore.”

“Yes, we’re living in the middle of a pandemic, and that pandemic has economic effects, there’s no doubt about it,” Local 6323 President Todd Wolfson said. “But Rutgers is not getting hit with the full brunt of those economic effects, and yet, is still riding it out by firing low-wage workers and taking away their health care in the middle of a pandemic.”

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