By Jim Norman, Staff Writer, The Record.

The $219,000 conference table that has brought Kean University into an unwanted spotlight focusing on purported academic excess is way more than a fancy table, the school’s executive vice president of operations said Monday in a letter to Kean students and faculty members.

The 22-foot circular table is not just a chunk of fancy woodwork, but is filled with high-tech electronics that make it “a conferencing system with the ability to connect people at up to 25 locations around the world for remote conference calls and to record meetings,” said Philip Connelly.

Connelly added that the $219,000 price tag is “the total estimated cost of the mixed-media conferencing center, including all of the electronic conferencing equipment.”

Not only that, he said, but the center and its table will bring money to the university when it is rented out for corporate meetings.


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