The Union Leadership Academy (ULA) is an education-based training program targeted toward union officials, members, and anyone else who may be interested in learning from the course material. The purpose of the program is to enhance the knowledge of our students and create more effective ways to represent the members and their interests/concerns. Each Tracy Chang and ULA Graduatescourse is designed in a way so that the students will become a completely competent of the material; therefore, they will be able to present what they have learned to their local, ultimately teaching their members and sharing beneficial information, which they have gained through classes.

Course topics range from Creative Approaches to Grievance Resolution to Employee Rights to Discipline and Grievance Handling. An online course in Employee Rights to Family and Medical Leave is also available.

Union Leadership Academy Fall 2011
Course Offerings and Locations
(1) First Term September 19-October 28, 2011
(2) Second Term November 1-December 15, 2011

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